Our application is open and you should totally complete it! We'd love to have you on the team. Take a look at the job summaries below by clicking on the categories, then click here.


You probably like making things happen. So do we.


You have a way with words that nobody else does, and we love that.

Art & Design

You really have a knack for all that creative stuff. We need you.


Working behind the scenes is your jam (and you still get credit).


You are the lifeblood of Ingress Media, responsible for planning and procuring content from our staff and from contributors, heading up and participating in projects, managing staff and deadlines, acting as a liaison between contacts, reviewing and editing content, and helping the Editor-in-Chief make very, very important executive decisions. You know how to achieve an ideal vision of Ingress.


Lead Marketer

You make up the face of Ingress Media, responsible for developing strategies to draw attention to the things we do and attracting positive exposure, planning and procuring content from our staff and contributors to accomplish this, managing marketing representatives, and assisting in making financial decisions. You know how to influence people. 


Circulation Manager

You are the one pushing the physical copies of the magazine (you know, the shiny and glossy ones) by managing how they are printed and distributed across the country and the world. You know how to make things move. 


Financial Director

You are by the books and the numbers and can keep track of how money flows in and out of our accounts, responsible for basic accounting work, growth and business strategies, developing both the brand and the business as a whole, and engaging in financial endeavors to ensure the success of the company. You're unmatched in how you can "do the numbers."


Community Engagement Liaison

You believe that the dialogue we create should go beyond the magazine, responsible for planning, organizing, and promoting in-person events that align with the Ingress brand. You love interacting with people and want to see more of them. 


Staff Writer/Reporter

You are the one pursuing leads, doing research, and conducting interviews to showcase very real, human stories and highlight social issues that are close to your heart. You love writing and putting your ideas on paper.



You come behind the Staff Writer/Reporter to ensure they've crossed their T's and dotted their I's, editing for length, readability, grammar, and overall quality. You might do some research to verify their claims and make sure everything is in order according to the style guide. You're detail-oriented and organized.



You develop the Ingress visual brand by setting up and executing photo shoots, heading up projects, going on assignment to get the photos that we need, and telling a story through the lens of your camera. You have an eye for detail and it shows.


Photo Editor

You make the Photographer's work jump out at the reader by using photo editing software to fit the Ingress aesthetic, and making some photos larger than life and others way too real. You can make visuals pop.



You help make the online and better-in-print issues come to life through your use of software and your creativity to design templates and page layouts. You know what aesthetic is, and you can put it on paper.



You design and create graphics and illustrations for the Ingress digital and print brand with specialized software and maybe even a drawing tablet. Your creativity is endless. 


Marketing/Sales Representatives

You make our advertising campaigns and marketing initiatives come alive with your ingenuity and hard work, responsible for pushing the Ingress brand. You have ideas and can make things move. 


Web Designer

You maintain the website to keep everything updated, orderly, and consistent, as well as optimizing for SEO to attract a broad readership from across the world. Computers and creativity are kind of your thing. 


Social Media Coordinator

You keep our social media feeds updated and fresh so that we can be on top of our game all the time, responsible for planning out content in advance, procuring content from staff and contributors, and posting at appropriate times to engage with our audience. You believe that technology is the future. 



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