A Status Update on Suzanne Collins

November 19, 2017


"The Hunger Games"


As a major fan of The Hunger Games, one question has been on my mind for the past few years: where is Suzanne Collins?


In 1991, Suzanne Collins started her career as a writer on children’s television shows, but her talent and popularity progressed when she published her debut novel in 2003, Gregor the Overlander. The children’s adventure book earned her the title of a New York Times Bestselling Author. As the first installment of The Underland Chronicles, the series continued for four more books before its conclusion in 2007.


In 2008, she published The Hunger Games, a story that has impacted the lives of millions of teenagers and adults alike across the globe. The trilogy was completed in 2010, and by that time the series was all anyone who was anyone talked about. Collins’ book was a masterpiece, a story of a dystopian world loosely inspired by Greek mythology. The sales of the first two books were off the charts, and sold 1.5 million copies in its first fourteen months in the United States alone.


In the years following the trilogy’s publication, Collins sold the film rights to Lionsgate and adapted the stories into a screenplay herself. Suddenly, her novel, which was already sitting in the homes of millions and millions of people, was about to become even more popular.


The Hunger Games movie franchise was one of the most successful films in history, grossing $155 million.


Promotional still for Mockingjay Part 2, by Bago Games, distributed under CC BY 2.0. 


Mockingjay Part 2, the last piece of the entire Hunger Games franchise reached theaters in 2015, and although the movie was phenomenal (thanks to not only an amazing story but a fantastic cast and crew), fans were left saddened at the end of The Hunger Games.


And since then, Suzanne Collins has been silent.


Back in 2013, Suzanne revealed at a book expo that she was working on a much anticipated new series. But that was nearly five years ago, and she’s had no new publications.


She has no social media and hasn’t been the subject of very many articles for years. She’s revealed hardly anything about her personal life, only that she is married to actor Cap Pryor and lives in Connecticut with him and their two children.


I am sure the world would eagerly take hold of any story she publishes, especially after the success of her last series. I can only hope that she is enjoying her life, maybe while working on her next bestseller.


So, after much research, I can conclude that the very accomplished Suzanne Collins is alive and well, and far out of the spotlight The Hunger Games put her in.


Cover photo: The iconic mockingjay pin from the book and film series. Photographed by Kendra Miller, distributed under CC BY-ND 2.0. 


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