DUSTIN DUONGEditor in Chief

The Three Two One

"Hi, I'm the Editor-in-Chief, and a high school senior from Charlotte, NC! I spend my days punning and laughing at everything, if not writing. My greatest fear is not leaving a mark on the world. We're here for an infinitesimally brief time. Why not make the most of it?

"I hope this is something that can carry on long after me. For teenagers that need a moment of solitude. Just to think, is all."

LAURA SCUDDERCo-Executive Editor

The Bookish One

"I enjoy reading and writing in all of its forms; I am often obsessed with words, and when not focused on the beauty of language, I can be found napping or stressing out about unnecessary things.

"I hope that Ingress Magazine can become a warm place of solace for all, and that those at Ingress can provide inspiration and a voice for ones who need it most."

AMELIA WINGER, Managing Editor for Web Content

The Hopeful One

"I'm a high school senior from Philadelphia, PA, and I've loved telling stories since the day I learned to write! Through everything from radio reports to spoken word poetry and a stint with rapping (yikes), I've always tried to learn as much as I can about the world around me and share it all with others.

"The beauty of Ingress that it's written by young adults for young adults; I hope that measure of relatability will help us find the voice of our generation."

ANGELICA EDWARDSFinancial Director/Correspondent

The Idealistic One

"I'm a senior at Green Hope High School in Cary, North Carolina. There I am the Vice President of our mock trial, a Co-President of Green Hope Food Ark, and a mellophone section leader. Even though I'm always busy with band and school work, I still find time to write, as I aspire to become a reporter, with plans on majoring in journalism.

"I hope that Ingress can grow to national prominence, and become the go-to teenage magazine."

PRIYA SINGHPhotography Director

The Indian One

"I am a senior in high school and I am a photographer for Ingress. I also work as the senior editor and producer of my school's news show. I also really love dogs and Star Wars. I live in Louisiana and I really would love to work in broadcasting.

"I hope Ingress Magazine can reach a wide audience and really impact teenagers all over the country."

TASHA AMANNHuman Resources Director

The School Spirit One

"Hey everyone I'm a sophomore from Northern Kentucky! If I'm not at rehearsal for band or drama, you can probably catch me screaming from the stands of a high school sports game. I never stop laughing or smiling (ever) and I love everything and everyone.

"I hope to see Ingress Magazine become a place that people like me and you can go to look for inspiration and guidance in times of need."


CLARE MULROY, Staff Writer

The Adventurous One

"I'm a senior in high school from Cape Cod and an aspiring human interest journalist! In addition to writing, I enjoy theater and competitive show choir and dance. I am passionate about human rights and gender roles and one day hope to travel the world and explore humanity in different lights.

"My hope for Ingress is that teenagers are able to access the magazine as an outlet to feed their own growing curiosity."

WOODS RAYNOR, Staff Writer

The Real One

"Hello, my name is Woods Raynor from Zebulon, NC, but let's say I'm from Raleigh. I enjoy writing because it allows me to record what is on my mind at that moment in time. I like to relax and just enjoy life as it happens.

"I just want Ingress to be read by people, I don't care too much about the monetary gain from the magazine."

ALLISON 'ALLY' FRANKE, Staff Writer/Researcher

The Sisterly One

"I'm Ally Franke, a senior at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!). I have loved writing since the fourth grade and I strive to be an author once I get through college. I love writing stories because then I get to share my views and creativity with others all around the world!

"I hope Ingress can reach the far reaches of the country and people from all over can read our work."


The Outspoken One

"Hi, I'm Taylor Armstrong Connecticut. I play field hockey and lacrosse, as well as the flute. I am secretary of my class, VP of my school's Young Democrats club, and very much involved in my community. I am interested in pursuing politics and journalism, and cannot be happier to be a part of Ingress!

"My hope for Ingress is that it doesn't flop because that'd be super cool if people became interested in what myself and my peers have to say."


The "Hey Goose!" One

"I am a reader, writer, creator, dog mom, and plant mom from a small town in Oklahoma. I love politics, journalism, art, and nature. I like to take pictures and use quotes to give advice. Months ago, I could never see myself writing for a magazine, but in the words of Suzy Kassem, 'doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.'

"Through Ingress, I hope to dream, more and doubt less, and inspire others to do the same."

S.C. DAVISStaff Writer/Editor

The Florida One

"I am a senior at Wakulla High, where I belong to the Wakulla chapter of NHS and take dual enrollment courses with TCC. I write regularly and hang out at rivers with minnows. I have two dogs, a black cat, and an aquarium. I am considering a major in literature.

"I hope that Ingress becomes a haven of a magazine for fresh, young perspectives and information."

ANNIE BANKS, Staff Writer

The Passionate One

"From battling heart disease at birth to balancing two magazines, a yearbook, a part-time job, advertising for a comic book company, to consistently remaining in honors programs, I've overcome a plethora of challenges. People often criticize my height but are amazed when I inform them that I work with horses.

"My one hope for Ingress is nothing but success."


The Tall One

"Hi! I'm Hannah, and I'm a senior in Washington state. I'm the News Editor for my high school's newspaper, run track and cross country, and am in Key Club! I also model and work at Trader Joe's. Right now, I'm most likely running, sleeping, reading, or stressing about all the college apps I haven't done!

"I hope that Ingress will encourage teens and young adults to break norms, step out of their comfort zones, and strive for success in their everyday lives."


The Creative One

"I’ve been writing stories since I could grasp a pencil. Granted, I didn’t know how to spell, but that didn’t stop me from writing stories in scribbles across pages of notebooks. It didn’t matter to me that no one else could read it. I knew what it said. As I grew up and learned to read and write, I fell in love with words. Writing is something I do for myself, because the stories must be freed. I have things to say, and writing can carry my voice around the globe.

"I hope with Ingress I can accomplish that."


The Aesthetic One

"Hi! I'm a Venezuelan living in South Florida. My passions include anything art and Disney. Some of my biggest goals in life include using art to help as many kids that are hungry, abused, or homeless as I can and to spread awareness of mental health issues and Venezuela's humanitarian crisis.

"I hope Ingress inspires many teenagers to speak out and get more involved in the news and media because our views are just as valid and important as the rest of the world's."


TANYA DRURY, Photographer

The Positive One

"Hi, I'm Tanya! I am currently 18 years old and living in Canada. I enjoy my days taking pictures and doing art. Everyday, I aspire to learn something new and put a smile on someone's face. I want to make a difference with my photographs. 

"In the future, I want to see Ingress Magazine in the hands of teenagers all over the world, it would be so amazing to see it on shelves in my own local grocery store!"


The Artsy One

"I'm currently a junior in an Iowan high school. I'm also a club's editor and photographer on my school's year book staff. I love spending my free time walking around, exploring outside and taking pictures. When I graduate I hope to go into graphic designing and photography.

"When teens and young adults read Ingress I'd like them to be inspired and walk away with new ideas that make them think."

ZOE FLECKPhotographer

The Hearty One

"Hi, I'm Zoë and I am from a wee town called Ballyclare in Northern Ireland. I was born with half a heart but this doesn't mean I live half a life, I like to live it to the full! I have a passion for reading, outdoor adventures and I love working with children. My camera is never far and I'm always looking for things to photograph!

"I hope Ingress is a success as it is an amazing opportunity for all involved."



YUN LEEIllustrator

The Quiet One

"I've known Dustin for a few years now and he became one of my best friends. He's always had a passion for writing while I enjoyed drawing. So having something we can work for together is a huge motivational boost!

"I hope to see Ingress grow to be something everyone working on it can be proud of."


KARLA HERRERAHuman Resources Rep.

The Doctor One

"Hi guys! I'm a sophomore from South Florida, and my goal in life is to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. I'm the captain of my school's Slam Poetry team, and I enjoy reading, sleeping, and taking down this capitalist society #justgirlythings!

"I hope to see Ingress prosper and become something that we all take pride in; the staff all work so hard and I can't wait to see what great products will come of their efforts."


The Sunshine One

"I bet you're wondering who took the time to type every word on this website. Well, it's me! I'm Josie and I'm from Maryland! I love cheese, hugs, reading books (any HP fans out there?), and (of course) Netflix. My advice: when life gives you lemons, make apple juice. Think outside of the box. 

"I hope Ingress becomes a household name and is known by generations to be a reliable and trustworthy media source."

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